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Frankincense 12ml Glass Dripulator

Weight: 0.090  kg

New to our range due to increasing popularity. This pure Frankincense Essential oil is suitable for taking orally (seek advice from your natural practitioner). Traditionally In aromatherapy, frankincense oil is either inhaled or diffused via a vaporizer – a very effective sedative that induces a feeling of mental peace, relaxation, and satisfaction, and helps relieve anxiety, anger, and stress

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Frankincense oil is one of the top essential oils you can use for your health. It’s known for its comforting properties, and is useful for visualizing, improving one’s spiritual connection, and helping overcome ditress and despair.

Frankincense oil promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy. It’s useful for skin health, and can help treat dry skin, reverse signs of aging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Frankincense oil’s astringent properties help:

  • Strengthen gums and hair roots
  • Stop wounds from bleeding
  • Speed up the healing of cuts, acne, insect bites, and boils