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Cleansing Facial Steam 12ml Glass Dripulator

Weight: 0.900  kg

A special facial treatment designed to deep cleanse, exceptional for troubled or acne-prone skin. Do not use if you have Rosacea or broken capilliaries. Only a few drops required for each treament, this will last approx 60 facial steams.

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Great for all skin types except sensitive, or those suffering from surface veins. Cleansing Facial Steam contains a special blend of Essential Oils like Tea Tree and Thyme. The anti-bacterial action of this treatment combined with the heat from the steam will draw impurities to the surface, so don't use before a big date! Use 5-10 drops in a bowl of near boiling water for 5 minutes. Up to 60 applications in one bottle. If skin is acne prone follow with Anti-Acne Oil for a complete treatment.

Ingredients in Cleansing Facial Steam: Essential Oils of Palmarosa, Lavender, Tea Tree, Thyme and Rose Geranium.
INCI:Ingredients: Pure Essential Oils of (Palma Rosa) Cymbopogon martinii var motia, (Lavender) Lavendula Angustifolia, (Tea Tree) Melaleuca alternifolia, (Rose Geranium) Pelargonium x asperum and *(Thyme) Thymus satureioides cross

Team Cleansing Facial Steam with Viola's Anti-Acne Oil and Viola's Honey Facial Mask, all natural skincare products which compliment each other and work towards balancing, nourishing and refining the skin.