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Aiyana - 50ml Atomiser

Weight: 0.150  kg

Absolutely unique and gorgeous - Aiyana (pron "eye-ar na") is our own exclusive fragrance, no hormone altering parabens or synthetic chemical additives. Just a 100% safe and non-toxic fragrance containing pure essential oils blended with Natural Grain alcohol.  Also available in a 15ml Roll-On.

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$ 78.50

If you purchase the tester and then go on to buy a full size fragrance (oil or spray) we will happily refund you the cost of the tester. 

The fragrance starts out with fresh citrus tones that mellow as the Rose and Jasmine flow through. It appears to ‘change’ to a enticing mix of all with Ylang Ylang and Vanilla to give it warmth and a hint of sweetness. Black Pepper essential oil provides a little touch of spice

AIYANA means eternal bloom.
Because there is no processing or chemical additives it is recommended that you shake it a little before each spray. The bottle is made from top quality brushed stainless steel. It has a gorgeous outer case and lid with a clear glass insert. No fragrance ever comes into contact with metal. The atomiser top is removable so the bottle may be re-used.

Aiyana is divine and very complex, warm, uplifting and extremely popular. We have testers available for purchase.

Containing Natural Grain Alcohol, Bergamot, Blood Orange, Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Black Pepper essential oils.