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Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Weight: 0.500  kg

Be prepared for every cold/flu season to come.  A ceramic salt inhaler is suitable for any family member. Supplied with the correct size salt crystals which will last many years.

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$ 25.00

Using a salt inhaler is really simple. Fill the ceramic pot with salt (supplied) and you are ready to go. The Himalayan salt itself lasts for up to 2 years so you end up saving a lot of money. A natural therapy for all lung conditions, this will save you money on cough syrups and prescriptions medicines. You will likely need your asthma inhaler less too!

The most important this about using a salt inhaler is to only breathe IN through the mouth. Never breath OUT through the inhaler or the salt inside will lose its therapeutic effects much faster.

Today, anyone who has spent a day at the beach can attest to feeling the special healing properties of salt. Your breathing is clear and your hair, skin, and nails feel great. If you can’t make it to the ocean, there are special salt lined rooms popping up all around the world. These rooms mimic European salt caves to help treat people with various breathing conditions due to living in densely populated and polluted areas. The salt acts as a detoxifier by pulling out toxins and cleansing the airways.

The Benefits of Salt Inhalers

1. Reduces allergies

2. Clears the Lungs

3. Reduces Mucus

4. Better sleep

5. Clarifies the mind