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Flea Repellent Oil 50ml Glass with Dropper Top

Weight: 0.150  kg

A safe and non-toxic alternative flea, tick and lice treatment. We have customers who use this on not only dogs and cats but also guinea pigs and chickens! It was initially designed for dogs and we recommend caution when using it on cats (read on). If in doubt please check with your vet. Have you tried our Pet Shampoo? It also contains Pyrethrum essential oil.

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Bio-Gro Organic Certified. Non-irritating to those animals with sensitive skin but we do recommend patch testing first, especially where sensitive breeds of cat are concerned.  A blend of pure oils including Neem and Pyrethrum (with Pennyroyal now removed from formula Feb 2017) that fleas hate. All in a handy bottle with dropper top. Simple place a few drops on collar or neck and base of tail. Comb through. This product is so effective other brands avaiilable have copied our formulation minus the natural essential oil of pyrethrum - which is one of the most active components for detering fleas. Some essentials oil may cause a toxic build up in the kidneys of cats.

Ingredients: *Sunflower Oil, Neem Oil, Pyrethrum Oil plus a special blend of Essential Oils (*Lemongrass, *Eucalyptus, *Lavender, Pennyroyal (deleted, see foot note), Clove, Cypress, Patchoulli)

When compared to the alternative treatments, this is far safer and much less toxic to the animal.

*Denotes an Organic Certified Ingredient.