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Hi. I just wanted to say that my skin & I thank you very much. The Rejuvenating Day Lotion sample & other products I ordered are wonderful. Already after only 1 week my face feels softer, crinkly bits appear smoother & even my elbows are feeling the love. I'll spread the word & I'll be back. I wish I had discovered you sooner, but thankfully it's not too late :-) Kind Regards, E.V Northland 25/1/2019

Have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year break and thank you for continuing to make such divine, nourishing, nurturing products that are kind to people, animals and the environment xx M.L. KatiKati 21/12/2018
for all your fabulous products. I am grateful you are so good at your profession. The products I use of yours are unrivaled in quality and price. Merry Christmas hope your holiday season is filled with joy. T.L. Wellington 5/12/2018
Hey thanks for the free Aramis Mens Cologne sample, I want to order a full size one please. It's bloody nice by the way! M.W Wairoa 15/6/2018
Went for a facial last week and my beautician commented how lovely my skin was – testament to your wonderful products I have been using. A.H Te Awamutu. 11/6/2018
My Dental Hygienist suggested I use Savicol for 6 weeks as I had several deep pockets developing around my teeth and gums (periodontal disease). I had serious reservations about using a chemical based mouth wash. My wife suggested I try Viola's mint fresh mouth wash (with colloidal silver). After 6 weeks the Dental Hygienist was impressed with the healing of my gums and I would not need antibiotics! My next visit to the Dental Hygienist is now in 6 months time. I highly recommend this product for effective and pleasant oral hygiene. B.E. Whangarei 27/4/2018
Your Insect Repellent is awesome. Bought 3 last time to give to family and a friend. One discovered it works also after being bitten to ease the itch, which is tried and it does work! This has been a bad year for 'bites' so it is great to have this spray on hand. My Daughter has been spraying it on her sons bedding which also works. Thank you so much. B.V. Geraldine 24/1/2018
After peering at every products ingredients (sometimes to hard to read) I love being able to use your products without thinking. Love from B.W Auckland 15/09/2017


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