Real men use organic skin care products

Men’s skin care has seen a serious boom in the last decade or so. While guys taking care of their skin can only be seen as a good thing, this also means that men are being targeted by manufacturers who use harmful chemicals in their products. Men’s organic skincare products are also growing in the beauty industry. If you are a man who likes to take care of his skin, now is the time to face up to the harsh facts of the synthetic beauty product industry and start giving your body’s biggest organ the organic treatment it deserves.

How are Men’s Organic Skincare Products Different?

Men face different biological challenges to women. They produce more androgens and less estrogens, which sometimes means that their skin is greasier. This is something men’s skincare product producers pay close attention to, which allows them to formulate organic blends that benefit guys.

One great example of this is the jojoba oil used in men’s organic skincare. Jojoba oil comes with the dual benefits of protecting your skin from the outside world using an oil barrier, while using that same oil to balance sebum production. As a result, you are less likely to experience the skin traumas guys often face. This means you will have less spots and reduced shine, leading to a balanced overall tone. This is particularly useful while you are in your late teenage and early adult years, as this is the time when you are more likely to experience spots. By allowing jojoba oil to balance your sebum production the natural way, you can kiss goodbye to those feelings of adolescent skin anxiety.

Taking Care of Personal Hygiene the Organic Way

Men have increased eccrine gland activity compared to women, which means they sweat more. When it comes to guys’ feet, this can produce some pretty embarrassing consequences. Imagine walking into a date’s house and taking off your shoes, only to reveal your hidden odours. Fortunately, you can purchase organic food deodorisers for men. If you play a lot of sports, like rugby or football, a sprinkle of foot deodoriser in your sports shoes can make all the difference to your natural scent. If you are a man who generally suffers from sweaty feet, using deodorisers can make everyday life more pleasant.

Making Your Rugged Look a Little Smoother

Guys love to look rugged, and that is a look that a lot of people appreciate. However, there is a fine line between looking rugged and appearing unkempt. Like ladies, men experience a build-up of dead skin cells when their skin is not exfoliated. Fortunately, men’s organic exfoliators do exist and they are available for you to take advantage of. Usually, non-organic exfoliators contain acids that force your skin to strip. Really, there is no need to deprive your skin of the sebum it naturally produces.

A typical organic men’s facial scrub will contain jojoba oil, which moisturises your skin as it scrubs off dead cells. This means you are not just stripping your skin, you are doing what you can to nourish it. This, in turn, reduces the signs of aging. While nobody minds a guy who is well seasoned, there is certainly no harm in holding onto the external signs of your youth for as long as you can.

It is wonderful that men are investing the same interest in their skin as women. However, now is the time for guys to seize the benefits of organic skincare too. By taking a kinder approach, you can look forward to skin that is stronger, for longer.

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