Chamomile isn’t just for your Grandma

Chamomile may evoke images of your grandma sitting down for a good old cup of tea in the evening, but it does come with some pretty awesome skin care benefits. For thousands of years, this simple ingredient has been used to ward away pests, rejuvenate the skin, combat stress, and sooth anxiety. While most people recognise the benefits you can experience by ingesting chamomile, few explore the skin-related benefits that arise from external application. Now is a great time to explore chamomile skin care products.

Using Chamomile Skin Care to Combat the Signs of Stress

When you suffer from a bad night’s sleep or experience stress, it shows on your skin. One of the most problematic areas is the eyes, which exhibit signs of stress by becoming puffy and swollen. Adding chamomile eye ointment to the area beneath your eyes, where many women experience circles, can reduce puffiness and darkness. As a result, you will look less stressed.

If you want to enhance the benefits of using a chamomile eye cream, consider sipping chamomile tea once a day. It is known to reduce anxiety, and as we all know, anxiety and stress often show on your skin. Using chamomile internally and externally can help you look and feel amazing.

Bring Down Inflammation the Right Way

There are two types of inflammation your body will experience in its lifetime. The first is the systemic type, which leads to a fever. Second, and most common, is the localised type. You may experience localised inflammation when you get sunburn, experience a rash, or develop spots.

Chamomile is a recognised anti-inflammatory, and it is one that soothes effectively. This is why paediatricians often recommend applying chamomile lotion to a child’s skin when they suffer from certain childhood rashes. If you or your child experience sunburn, applying a chamomile-based lotion can reduce the inflammation. As it is inflammation that causes sunburn, this in turn reduces pain. In addition to this, using chamomile lotion can make spots look less angry. With spots usually comes inflammation, which is what gives them their red appearance. Adding chamomile to your daily skincare routine minimises the appearance of acne, boosting your confidence as a result.

Detoxing with Chamomile

The world recognises chamomile’s ability to combat stress and anxiety. However, what very few people are aware of is that it also helps you detox. Each day, you encounter chemicals and pollutants without realising it or meaning to. When this happens, your body uses its own defence mechanisms to combat them. However, the extent of the allergens we come into contact with in the modern world is so large that our bodies’ mechanisms are often not enough. Internally, this can lead to a development of free radicals. While free radicals certainly have their place in the human body, too many are harmful.

Using chamomile externally may help to combat some of these environmental hazards. This then leaves your body’s internal mechanisms to tackling other pollutants and diseases. As always, it is a great idea to detoxify on the inside as well as the outside. Alongside using a chamomile beauty product, consider drinking tea on a regular basis. Make this part of your daily routine, and you will soon start to see the benefits in terms of how you feel as well as how you look.

So as you can see, chamomile most definitely is not just for your grandma. Despite its old image, it is quite a revolutionary ingredient that has the ability to sweep across and through your body to initiate great changes. Indulge in it regularly, and you will soon see the difference.

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