Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Viola Organics has been around since 1986, slightly before Living Nature. Why has this way of doing business proven so successful and a constant source of pride and joy for the owner?

New labels 004 Rockstock labels – environmental choice

Rockstock is a revolutionary breakthrough in papermaking technology. A tree free mineral paper manufactured from milled quarry waste using no …

Non GMO image Non GMO

Viola Organics has been Organic Certified with Bio-Gro NZ Ltd since 2003. We are very proud of this achievement and …

Viola Organics In her mother’s footsteps

While remaining true to her mum’s original ethics and values, Janine Matchitt has managed to embark on a careful, considered expansion plan for Viola Organics.

shea butter organic skin care Shea Butter – An African secret you should discover!

If you haven’t yet discovered the magical benefits of Shea butter, now is the time to wake up to them. Regular applications to your skin can produce aesthetic and medicinal benefits.

natural skin care travel bag How to make up a natural skin care travel bag

Going on holiday doesn’t mean you have to abandon your natural skin care routine. Learn how to pack the perfect travel bag for your travels.

organic skin care for men Real men use organic skin care products

Organic skincare may seem a little fluffy, but real men will avoid the damage synthetic chemicals can do. Fortunately, men’s organic skincare is booming, giving guys plenty of variety.

baby organic skin care Natural skin care your baby will love

It is natural to want the best for your baby, so why not consider organic skin care? Organic baby products work with your little one’s skin, not against it.

natural acne products Natural acne products – Spot the difference!

Many acne combatting products strip your skin of natural oils, leaving it looking dull and dry. Fortunately, natural ingredients can combat acne, while retaining your skin’s fresh vitality.

coconut oil for beauty care Coconut oil for island-style beauty care

Islanders have been using coconut oil for thousands of years, and now Hollywood is all over it too. This ingredient isn’t just another fad, it comes with some serious proven benefits.

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