Coconut oil for island-style beauty care

If you have read any magazines recently discussing the hair and beauty regimes of celebrities, you will probably have read about coconut oil. It has become a bit of a buzzword in Hollywood lately, which naturally makes fans of organic beauty a little sceptical. However, while coconut oil is a favourite of the stars, it genuinely does have some beneficial properties. Learning more about them can help you revolutionise the way you look.

The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

As any mascara wearing woman will know, getting mascara off at the end of the day is quite the challenge. However, it doesn’t half make your eyes look fantastic when you are wearing it. Eye makeup removers are usually effective, but they can also cause damage to the follicles your lashes grow from. Next time you remove your makeup, consider using coconut oil-based products instead. By doing this, you get rid of your mascara, and you nourish your eyelash follicles at the same time.

As coconut oil is naturally nourishing, it also makes for a great moisturiser or cleanser. As with eye makeup remover, cleansers tend to strip your skin of its natural oils. It therefore makes sense to use a cleanser that contains coconut oil instead. The same rule stands for moisturisers and exfoliators; if they contain coconut oil, they are probably better for your skin than the non-organic products that do not.

Your Teeth Need Love Too

In a world of organic beauty products, it is easy to forget about your teeth. While your mouth engages in a lot of self-cleansing, it also comes into contact with a lot of bacteria. As most of us eat a diet high in either natural or synthetic sugars, our mouths are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. This means that many people use products that will strip their mouths of said pathogens, but do not realise that they are de-mineralising their teeth in the process. If you get your hands on some coconut oil, make sure you use a little in your toothpaste from time-to-time. It is a great way to re-mineralise.

Coconut Oil and Protection Against the Weather

When your hair starts to dry out, it looks frizzy. A lot of this frizz tends to arrive when you use central heating a lot, as your hair oscillates between the dampness of winter and the dry conditions inside your home, causing split ends to appear. Split ends literally suck the life and shine out of your hair, which is why it needs a helping hand from time-to-time. You can achieve this by adding a little coconut oil to the end of your hair. Alternatively, you can incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine. Shampoos containing coconut oil give your hair constant bursts of moisture, allowing it to lock in shine naturally and keep it looking fresh.

Due to the long chain fatty acid composition of coconut oil, it is likely that it has anti-fungal properties. That is another great reason to make the most of it in winter: you are protecting yourself against the traumas of damp. If you love the great outdoors, no matter what the weather is like, you can try using a protecting cream that contains coconut oil to combat the effects of wind and water whipping into your face. That way, you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle, without letting your skin take a battering.

It seems as though the world can’t get enough of coconut oil, and there are good reasons for that. This naturally occurring ingredient protects you against the elements, wards off the negative effects of sun, and remineralises—the natural way!

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