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The only other piece of equipment you will require is a wide-mouth glass jar 1L or larger plus pure water – either distilled or a trusted bottled source.
This Generator comes with your first set of two Silver Rods with bridge to suspend them over your jar/vessel, the Generator (Plug in standard 240v household outlet), instructions booklet included. PPM Test Meters available on request $110. Spare Rods $48 available online


Silver in colloidal form consists of extremely small, electrically charges particles. It is a powerful natural virus, fungi and bacteria killer. It works in a matter of minutes upon direct contact, by preventing single celled organisms from up-taking the oxygen they need to survive. Therefore resistant strains should not develop.

Hundreds of infectious health disorders are documented in medical journals as being successfully overcome by taking or applying Colloidal Silver. Yes Colloidal Silver has never been found to harm useful body bacteria in the intestines. Colloidal Silver helps the body’s natural immunity to  fight infections.

Colloidal Silver can be taken several ways – by drinking (2 teaspoons daily), by holding it under the tongue, by a sprayer for ear, nose and throat infections (highly recommended), a dropper for eyes, a soaked pad for skin ailments or in a nebuliser.

Colloidal Silver has no known drug interactions (means it can be taken with medications), is odourless, non-stinging and non-addictive.

Please consult your Natural Health Provider for expert advice on dosages when treating any ailment.

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