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Made right here at Viola Organics premises this double strength Colloidal Silver is a brand you can trust. A must have for your first aid cupboard especially during cold/flu season.

Packaged in brown glass to protect the silver suspension. Store away from light (artificial & natural) and electrical appliances. Use a plastic spoon to dispense (not metal/stainless) or the cap and tip into mouth.

“Natures Antibiotic” and was used as such pre1938 before synthetic chemical ones were introduced. Helps a multitude of ailments according to research and Drs. Great feedback from customers. An informative book is available see Health & Household category named ‘Everything you need to know about Colloidal Silver’ RRP $19.00

Ingredients: Colloidal Silver is made with triple filtered distilled Water.

Ever considered making your own endless supply of Colloidal Silver, we also sell Generators and Silver Rods.

Generators RRP $126

Silver Rods (replacement once worn out) RRP $48.00

Test Meter RRP $105.00

Silver in colloidal form consists of extremely small, electrically charges particles. It is a powerful natural virus, fungi and bacteria killer. It works in a matter of minutes upon direct contact, by preventing single celled organisms from uptaking the oxygen they need to survive. Therefore resistant strains should not develop.

Hundreds of infectious health disorders are documented in medical journals as being successfully overcome by taking or applying Colloidal Silver. Yes Colloidal Silver has never been found to harm useful body bacteria in the intestines. Colloidal Silver helps the body’s natural immunity to infections.

Colloidal Silver can be taken several ways – by drinking (2 teaspoons daily), by holding it under the tongue, by a sprayer for ear, nose and throat infections (highly recommended), a dropper for eyes, a soaked pad for skin ailments or in a nebuliser.

Colloidal Silver has no known drug interactions (means it can be taken with medications), is odourless, non-stinging and non-addictive.

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  1. Dianne Poskitt (verified owner)

    Have bought this as a health benefit. Especially for winter months. Recommended by my daughter. It is holistic.

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