Essential Oil Rose Geranium 12ml


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100% pure Essential Oil of Rose Geranium (pelargonium x asperum)
Packaged in dark glass to protect the oils from deterioration with a dripulator plug to allow for dispensing by the drop.

Uses: Rose Geranium essential oil is very versatile. A popular ingredient in perfumes for its sweet, fresh, floral essence. Massage or inhalation for its relaxing yet refreshing qualities. Blends well with other oils

Therapeutic effects: Uplifting and calming, particularly useful for women and those moving through menopause. Invaluable for treating nervous tension and depression. Antiseptic. Skin problems such as dermatitis and eczema.

Origins: Geranium originates in Africa and was not brought into Europe until 1960. It was used in ancient times as a remedy for tumours, burns and wounds.

We only stock cold pressed or steam extracted essential oils -(never solvent extracted)

Cautionary Note: NEVER apply pure essential oil directly to the skin. Avoid mucus membranes (eyes/nose/mouth). Always consult with a Qualified Medical or Natural Therapy Practitioner before using essential oils for medicinal purposes.


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